24 February 2010

The search for the perfect handbag

I have been on a quest for what seems like my whole adult life for the perfect handbag. The problem has always been that I can't define what this elusive bag should be like.

However, there are features that I do not want. I hate a black handbag that has a black lining because I can never see anything when I'm fumbling around inside it. I hate a bag that's too big because everything goes to the bottom. I hate a bag that's too small because I can't squeeze everything into it. I hate a bag that doesn't zip closed. I want a bag that's just right (for me).

Obviously everyone looks for different features in a bag. That's why there are approximately 25 billion different styles and colours out there (okay, that's a slight exaggeration!). Hopefully today I have found the right one for me. I will reserve judgement until I use it for a few weeks.

In the meantime, you may be interested to make your own embellished bag for the Down Under Textiles competition. You can win $500 and all the entries will be displayed at the Textile Arts Festival in Brisbane in June. You can obtain an entry form here.


  1. Could we have a photo of this 'perfect' bag please? Mine has to be a backpack style.

  2. Yes, where is the photo of this wonder of fashion?

  3. I like different styles for different occasions and have many perfect bags, all different! So, do we get to see your perfect bag?


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