10 February 2010


These are today's signs that tell me I should stop trying to sew step three of the mystery quilt:
  1. I stitched 36 squares along the wrong diagonal
  2. I stabbed my finger with the unpicker while removing thread from 36 squares
  3. It's hot
  4. The sewing machine needle broke
  5. The bobbin ran out of thread
  6. And did I mention it's hot (but only 61% humidity - ha!)
  7. I spilled water on the instructions
  8. I dropped my scissors on my foot
I am going to watch a DVD instead. So there!


  1. Goodness, Erica....what did you do to your foot?

  2. I agree the forces are against you today, perhaps try tomorrow.

  3. Only some of those things would have sent to my confortable chair, a DVD and some relaxing hand stitching.

  4. Anonymous6:27 pm

    Tomorrow is another day ...... and it better be a better one!
    Judy B

    My word verification is 'shiess' ...... which is the right spelling?

  5. Sometimes it's best to just throw the damn thing in the corner and stomp off to do something else. Want to borrow Season 1 of The Tudors when I come over on Tuesday??

  6. some days you should just accept the inevitable as gracefully as possible [ so long as there's no pressing deadline involved ]


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