24 March 2010

Embelish a bag challenge

Have you been thinking about entering the Down Under Textiles Embellish a Bag challenge? I'm going to enter this year (even though I won't be eligible to win a prize 'cause of my affiliations with the magazine) because I've never made a bag before.

I'm interested in the idea of creating a small embellished piece of textile art and turning it into something special, using the same style of handles as everyone else in the challenge. I'm imagining something a bit glitzy, a bit OTT - or maybe I'll just take the opportunity to try out a lot of hand stitching. Either way, it will be an interesting way to expand my skills.

Why don't you enter the challenge, too? You can win $500 and all the entries will be displayed at the Textile Arts Festival in Brisbane in June. Entries close 28 May, but you will need to obtain a set of handles first. All the details and an an entry form are here.

You may think that I am overly interested in handbags. You may even be right, but today I had a small diversion on the way home from the physiotherapist and this came home with me.

Lovely colour, great size, plenty of pockets and made from soft leather. Yum.


  1. "Lovely colour, great size, plenty of pockets and made from soft leather. Yum"... and blue. Wonder how that happened? :)

  2. Drooling..... as a bag afficianado (I have 62 bags of varying sizes), I can tell it is a dream bag! If ever you tire of it, I have just the place for it! lol

  3. It's not what I would call blue - the closest I can find is Pantone PMS3262 - see here: http://www.australiasigns.com.au/qsonline/PMS-color-chart-300.html
    Gorgeous colour!


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