29 March 2010


Not much interesting happening around here this week. We lost round one of the AFL on Saturday night (by we I mean the Sydney Swans) - a winnable game that we let slip away. The weather is still oppressive and my garden is parched. Let's hope the promised rain actually arrives this week.

I joined Facebook a couple of months ago and, now that I know how to suppress news feeds about online games that my friends play, I've decided to stay with it. There's a link on the right-hand side of this blog that will take you to my page. It would be great to add you as a friend! 

I won't be feeding this blog to Facebook because then you'd only be reading the same post twice and what's the point of that? I doubt that anything I say is worth reading in two different formats! Also, I won't be adding any photos to Facebook (though I think I should try to find an in-focus pic of myself instead of the one that's there) - they will be on my blog.

Anyway, I'm there and I'm here. Comments are welcome in both places - I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. In case you're not aware, if you look at "Status Updates" under the "Friends" tab, this cuts out a lot of other extraneous stuff that can show up in News Feed. It means I don't see networked blog posts but I use Bloglines for following my favourite blogs anyway


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