16 March 2010


It's a lovely day - perfect for a little dabbling in the garden. I took myself to the local garden centre for a punnet of pansies and a punnet of lettuce. And a new climbing plant for the front fence. And a bag of potting mix.

And then I saw this, so had to have it, too.

I love baskets of all kinds. This is a soft basket in a gentle colour, perfect for storing some of my knitting projects. My day is made happier as I gaze at this beautiful thing.


  1. That's such a pretty basket!

  2. I absolutely adore baskets too and have them in every nook and cranny around the house and studio. Love the tone of blue.

  3. I would not have been able to bypass it, either! Baskets and old boxes are my downfall! Just wish I had lots more places to display them all.

  4. Plus it's BLUE! Let me guess, whats your favourite colour again.... :)

  5. Should I be surprised it's blue? What percentage of items in your house are blue I wonder?


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