07 March 2010

The quilt told me what to do

I dyed a piece of fabric last month and, as soon as I saw it dry, I knew what I wanted to do with it. A small wholecloth quilt, with hand stitches made with different threads. I sewed the perle thread stitches and finished the seed stitches with a lighter cotton thread. It all came together quickly, because my vision was so clear. I knew what this quilt needed next.

Well, the quilt obviously had different ideas. I stitched sections, unpicked them, and tried different threads - four times. Not working. I put the quilt aside for a couple of weeks until I could tune into its needs again.

Last week, as I was madly and obsessively weaving with my new sticks, an idea flashed into my mind. The quilt needed an added dimension. Not stick weaving - that would be too heavy - but something open and light. Knitting, obviously!

So here's the idea made reality. I used large needles and a variegated cotton yarn to knit net-like sections, casting stitches on and off at my whim. I'm so happy with it - the added texture is just what the quilt needs. Now I can finish it with satisfaction.

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