29 April 2010


What a long day it has been! Having fun at AQC - mostly talking to people I run into during the course of the day. Who knew there would be so many fabulous distractions.

I haven't seen many of the quilts on display yet, except the brilliant Twelve x Twelve quilts. If you are in Melbourne, make sure you treat yourself to this fabulous exhibition. They are soooo much better in real life!

Today I sussed out the threads on sale and tommorow is purchase time - if only I can decide which luscious colours to buy....

28 April 2010


Finished - Jetsam
My hand-dyed fabric, hand stitched, with areas of  knitted cotton yarn attached. You may recognise part of it in my blog header!

26 April 2010


Later this week, I will be treating myself to a visit to AQC (the Australasian Quilt Convention). I will be on the hunt for threads.

Last year, I purchased this gorgeous thread - WonderFil Frutti, which is a 12 wt Eqyptian cotton. I bought it to use in my sewing machine but, instead, have found it is a pleasure to use for hand stitching instead of perle thread. I will definitely be buying different colours of this thread.

I am also on a mission to buy thread in a range of colours for hand applique. This is where I need help from all you needle turn applique enthusiasts. Which thread do you find the best for hand applique? I know many people use silk thread, but I want to stick with cotton.

So if you have a favourite cotton thread, can you please let me know the brand and weight? I'd also be interested in the reason you enjoy stitching with it.

24 April 2010

Please wait...adjusting

Brenda has posted about the difficulties she is having with her laser printer.  The message she has on the printer says: Please wait...adjusting.

I may adopt this as my new motto because it has so much relevance. I give you the following examples from my past week's experiences:
Please wait...adjusting to:
- your unbelievable rudeness
- our reliance on technology
- my boredom as I see the same fabrics in so many quilts
- your presumption that's it's acceptable to be outraged on my behalf.

My list goes on....

21 April 2010

Fun with fusibles

These are the two small quilts I made with Lisa's hand-dyed fabrics and fusibles. It was such fun!

Pennie had fun too - you can see her small quilt here. I love what she did!

19 April 2010

Think about this

According to The Times Online, "The grounding of 63,000 flights over the past four days has saved 1.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, more than the annual emissions of many developing countries."

Of course, this is merely one statistic about the impact the volcano in Iceland is having on the world. Many other figures will, no doubt, be created as people and organisations seek to support whatever statements they make.

It's worth thinking about, though, don't you think?

18 April 2010

Catching up

Whew, the past few days have been so busy. The day job was exhausting this week, due to unexpected glitches, so the lure of a weekend was tantalising. Yesterday found me here:

Yep, a quilt show - this time, Fairholme Quilters, where an enjoyable time was had by all. In addition to the couple of friends I had planned to meet there, I also came across several other friends and took the opportunity to chat away the morning. Yes, I did see the quilts, but it was the conversations that I enjoyed most.

Had to rush to watch the Swans game on TV in the afternoon. A trip that should normally take 3/4 of an hour (and for which I allowed an hour) took twice that long, so I was late arriving at my Dad's and missed the first bounce. It's never relaxing watching a live Swans game on TV, so by the end of the day I was quite tense. 

Sleeping in and lounging around reading has helped restore the balance today. I've just finished Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. Several factors have combined in recent years to pique my interest in Scotland and its history - this is just the latest. I would love to travel there one day.

14 April 2010

More play

More hand-dyed shapes - call them leaves or water drops - floating on the breeze. I love these colours!

13 April 2010

Playing around

I so enjoy playing with fabric. These are hand-dyed fabrics from Lisa that I have been stitching this week. Here's just a snippet of the small quilt I have finished today. Yes, I know the colours are my faves, but I can't help it if the blue and green fabrics were the ones that came to hand!

11 April 2010


I know that when I see tulips for sale here in autumn, they are unseasonal. It doesn't stop me indulging in a bunch, just for their pretty colours and shapes.

07 April 2010

Wolf Hall

This is a huge story about power. Set in England in the 1520s, it explores the events around Henry VIII's desire to annul his 20-year marriage so he can marry Anne Boleyn and try to create a male heir.

If you have power, it seems you can do anything you want for whatever reason and then rationalise, justify and change the rules to make your action 'legitimate'. I'm uneasy, yet fascinated, by this attitude. Henry's actions to annul (a totally ridiculous concept in itself) resulted in the separation of the Church of England from the Catholic Church - just so he could legitimise his relationship with Anne (who he later had beheaded when she didn't produce a male heir). What an appalling abuse of power. 

I was fortunate to hear Hilary Mantel speak at a writers' festival some years ago. She is a brilliant storyteller and the rhythm of her language makes this story sing. It takes a while to get into and it is challenging to keep track of the characters but, oh so worth it. A truly wonderful novel.

06 April 2010

Stolen quilt

An amazingly gorgeous quilt has been stolen from the wall at the Break O' Day quilting and embroidery exhibition in St Helens in Tasmania. The maker of the art quilt, Cindy Watkins of Deep Peace Studio is, of course, devastated.

Please take a look at a photo of Cindy's quilt here. If you see the quilt anywhere, please email Cindy straight away or get in touch with the police. Many pairs of eyes will help!

03 April 2010

Recycled rainbows

Once upon a time, Peter threw some scrappy strips of fabric into the bin. What are you doing, said Lisa, who rescued them from the bin. Here, she said to Erica as she passed them over, I thought you would like these. And I did!

Recycled Rainbows 1, 24cm x 29cm.
Still to be bound.

02 April 2010


About a month ago, I went wild with the secateurs in order to save my lemon tree from a terrible infestation of scale. Several people were concerned that the tree would not survive, but here is the proof that my tree responded in the way it knows best.

Sadly, I can't expect any fruit for a couple of years, but the scale is gone (thanks to pest oil) and the growth is strong. Once it grows some more, I'll prune out the crossing branches to open up the centre to the light.

This morning I decided that the passionfruit vine I had growing along the side fence was too old and had to go. It had intertwined with the bouganvillea, so the plants fought back. I have the scratches on my arms to prove it. But I am the one who decides what stays in my garden, not the plants so, once again, the power of the secateurs ruled!

Thanks for all the comments about my blog's new look. If only it was as easy to give myself a makeover!