18 April 2010

Catching up

Whew, the past few days have been so busy. The day job was exhausting this week, due to unexpected glitches, so the lure of a weekend was tantalising. Yesterday found me here:

Yep, a quilt show - this time, Fairholme Quilters, where an enjoyable time was had by all. In addition to the couple of friends I had planned to meet there, I also came across several other friends and took the opportunity to chat away the morning. Yes, I did see the quilts, but it was the conversations that I enjoyed most.

Had to rush to watch the Swans game on TV in the afternoon. A trip that should normally take 3/4 of an hour (and for which I allowed an hour) took twice that long, so I was late arriving at my Dad's and missed the first bounce. It's never relaxing watching a live Swans game on TV, so by the end of the day I was quite tense. 

Sleeping in and lounging around reading has helped restore the balance today. I've just finished Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. Several factors have combined in recent years to pique my interest in Scotland and its history - this is just the latest. I would love to travel there one day.

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