02 April 2010


About a month ago, I went wild with the secateurs in order to save my lemon tree from a terrible infestation of scale. Several people were concerned that the tree would not survive, but here is the proof that my tree responded in the way it knows best.

Sadly, I can't expect any fruit for a couple of years, but the scale is gone (thanks to pest oil) and the growth is strong. Once it grows some more, I'll prune out the crossing branches to open up the centre to the light.

This morning I decided that the passionfruit vine I had growing along the side fence was too old and had to go. It had intertwined with the bouganvillea, so the plants fought back. I have the scratches on my arms to prove it. But I am the one who decides what stays in my garden, not the plants so, once again, the power of the secateurs ruled!

Thanks for all the comments about my blog's new look. If only it was as easy to give myself a makeover!


  1. Fabulous results - nature is wonderful!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. Oh what a difference a month makes. Well done it loks really healthy.

  3. I'm planting my long awaited herb garden today - I'll be thinking of you and looking for some gardening tips when I see you :)


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