24 April 2010

Please wait...adjusting

Brenda has posted about the difficulties she is having with her laser printer.  The message she has on the printer says: Please wait...adjusting.

I may adopt this as my new motto because it has so much relevance. I give you the following examples from my past week's experiences:
Please wait...adjusting to:
- your unbelievable rudeness
- our reliance on technology
- my boredom as I see the same fabrics in so many quilts
- your presumption that's it's acceptable to be outraged on my behalf.

My list goes on....


  1. Dear Erica - you sound more than slightly miffed!!!! LOL
    Re same fabrics in so many quilts - maybe you need a holiday and visit a different quilt scene?
    Lovely Devonport Friendship day today with so many varieties -


  2. Sounds like you had quite a week! I love the phrase, though. It could come in very handy.

  3. I really enjoy seeing the same fabrics in different quilts and seeing what different people do with them.


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