11 May 2010

Aurifil thread

One of my objectives at AQC was to investigate threads I could use for needle turn applique. Jenny Scott, from Always Quilting, is the Australian distributor of Aurifil threads. She presented a session about these threads, so I went along to hear what she had to say.

I enjoyed the session because Jenny showed us various samples, stitched with different weights of Cotton Mako' thread. It was easy to see the different effects that could be achieved with the different weights.

The fun part, though, was that each participant could collect a free spool of Cotton Mako' and a pattern for the sample from the Chocolate Coated stand. Lovely. I chose the Ne 50/2 (50 wt) thread because it is the finest and best for hand applique. I went back the next day to buy a different colour so I can try different fabrics. Haven't used it yet, but I'll be cutting out some applique shapes soon and will post about it later.


  1. I've just ordered a dozen Ne 50 threads from Jenny for a big hand applique job, and am eagerly looking forward to stitching with them. Have been using Aurifil in my machine and for hand piecing for a little while and I love it.

  2. The Ne50 is also a great thread for foundation piecing. My Pfaff loves Aurifil.


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