02 May 2010

Being adaptable

I'm feeling mellow today because, last night, I screamed, yelled, sang and generally jumped around at the football. My team, the Swans, played a hard, physical and skillful game that held us in thrall for several hours and ended in a fantastic victory. There is nothing like screaming in a crowd to empty all your frustrations.

What will stick with me most, though, is the way the team adapted to circumstances as they changed. Within the first few minutes, our ruckman was injured and was unable to play for the rest of the game. A ruckman is a specialist position. That meant not only that we were one player down, but that another player (not a ruck specialist) had to change positions on the field to take his place.

The flow-on effect was that other players were moved around to cover changes. It was that adaptability and the ability to see the bigger picture that won us the game.

I'm reflecting on this today in the context of my mistaken purchase of the 50 wt Tutti thread I wrote about yesterday. I am working on a small hand-stitched quilt for a swap and had planned to use the 12 wt Frutti thread in certain sections. Even though a friend offered to bring me a spool of the correct thread from Melbourne, I've re-thought my plan and decided to adapt. 

I will use the 50 wt Tutti thread instead of 12 wt Frutti. I will adapt my ideas and change the stitches and hence the look of the quilt. Perhaps this is a test for me, just as the injury was a test to the Swans last night. Hopefully, my quilt will have just as satisfying result.


  1. Hi Erica, You are as bad as my hubby with the jolly football and 'woe of woe' he is a Carlton member (and we live in Adelaide!!)

  2. A football/ quilting analogy... you don't see that every day.


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