24 May 2010

Deal with it

After watching my football team lose three games in a row I feel vaguely unsettled. I shouldn't, because that's the lot of supporter - as much as we like to delude ourselves, we don't actually have any influence on the playing of the game. It's not as if we pull on our boots and do the hard work. But we do take it to heart.

I belong to a discussion list about our Swans team.  We dissect each game, evaluate every player's performance, and decide how we would direct the players if we were the (collective) coach. It's all good fun, until we hit a losing streak.

Everyone's narky at the moment; frustrated and lashing out at each other. I feel bad enough about our losses - I don't need all that negativity as well. So I'm doing small things around the house that give me pleasure. Clearing the dining room table so I can enjoy the shine of its timber grain; picking up small twigs in the back yard; gathering home-grown lettuce leaves for a sandwich; and slowly stitching with my machine. All these actions are tiny, but together they help me deal with disappointment. 

Oh, and I watch DVDs of The Tudors. Now THEY know how to deal with it - off with his head!

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  1. Hello... four days and no blog? Are you OK?


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