14 May 2010

New craft classes in Sydney

Sometimes it is difficult to find a craft class that teaches you a skill from the absolute beginning. I know that when I first wanted to learn to sew, I didn't know what I didn't know! I needed someone to take me by the hand and start me at the very beginning.

There's an exciting initiative in Sydney now that will solve that problem. Notebook magazine has opened The Craft Room at their studios, where you can learn embroidery, knitting, crochet, sewing, cake decorating, scrapbooking, papercrafting, collage and QUILTING.

The quilting classes are being taught by my friend Sarah, so I know you'll learn heaps! You can see the May classes here and the June classes here. I don't have any affiliation with the magazine nor the classes, but I think it's great to see that there are these sorts of crafty opportunities now. I wish they'd been around when I wanted to learn how to sew!

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