10 May 2010

Well, that was interesting

Our telecommunications links to the world are very tenuous. In fact, it's a miracle that all those fine wires and cables hang together at all. I take it all for granted, and probably you do too, but when it stops working it results in dislocation.

I've been without an internet connection at home since last Wednesday. In order to get connected again, I had two phone discussions with my internet service provider, two phone conversations with the provider of my phone line and one visit from a technician. The problem was a tiny wire that was worn. The technician replaced it in the phone junction box and all was well. Finally, I am back online.
During those four days, I used the free wireless access at two libraries to check my email and other usual websites. It is amazing how this focuses the mind.

I have made several conclusions during this time:
  • I waste way too much time on the internet
  • I look at too many blogs that don't engage me
  • I read too much dross on the internet.
So, now I am in the process of unsubscribing from many of the 380 blogs on my Bloglines list. If the writer doesn't offer content that teaches me something, amuses me or makes me think, I'll give it a miss, thanks. Life's just too short.


    1. Hi Erica - how could it ever get to 380!!

    2. I remember saying that I would never need a personal computer. Now I use it for everything. Maybe too much.

    3. I've cut back to 70 from a high of a hundred and change


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