01 May 2010

WonderFil threads

These glorious threads are from WonderFil. The three in the centre are Frutti, 12 wt variegated threads that I like to use for hand stitching. The top one is Tutti, a variegated 50 wt thread that I bought by mistake! I wanted Frutti, but this was on the wrong stand and I was so overcome with excitement that I didn't note that the spool colour was pink, instead of brown. It will be good to have in my thread collection anyway, but I had plans for that colour Frutti.

The thread at the bottom is a new one called Spagetti. It is 12 wt, but solid colour designed to complement the variegated Frutti thread. Lovely.

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  1. Erica,
    I'm tickled to see your spool of WonderFil Spagetti 12wt cotton! I designed the colors for this new thread and am having great fun with it. This summer I'll work on 20 more colors ... so exciting!
    Quilt on!
    Susan K Cleveland


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