29 June 2010

The book of magic

I love dyeing fabric. My head thinks that it is simply a chemical reaction, but my heart knows the truth - it is magic, pure and simple. As an amateur, I don't dye fabric often - maybe three or four times a year - but I always do about five metres each time so I can have a stash of my favourite colours on hand. I know that's not a lot of fabric but it's enough to keep me supplied for my own use.

Sometimes I want to dye a specific colour, so I was pleased when I saw this book of recipes advertised. I quickly ordered it and my copy arrived today. I am pleased to be able to say that this book is exactly what I want. (Often, when I order books without having examined them first, I am disappointed because they don't live up to the hype. Those books are the ones I decide not to keep, but to sell. This book is not one of those!)

Local factors (temperature, humidity, water) affect the reproduction of colour, so the shades shown in the book are not necessarily the exact ones I will create. There are many colour recipes available on various websites and blogs, but the Fabric Dyer's Dictionary has captured all the information I need make specific shades in one place. I am sure I will refer to my book of magic often.


  1. Erica, I ordered this one to have in stock. I have just begun with fabric dyeing and this appears to be a great resource.

  2. Thanks for that! I knew it existed but hadn't tracked it down yet. Someone from ATASDA wanted it for the library but didn't know the author or title. It's securely on the wishlist now!

    Love to see yours sometime, to check it out before I buy it.

  3. I have my dyes on the shelf, various types of fabrics to experiment with. Also have Michelle Steel's cd and dvd and hope to watch them tonight. I think I'll follow your lead and buy this book to have information in one place. I tend to be a "book person". :)


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