02 June 2010

Metal texture

Ooh, this book excites me.

When I was a teenager, I had a copper bracelet. It was made of textured sections, linked together. I have always loved copper and I was devastated when the links on my bracelet snapped and couldn't be repaired. That's why this book excites me - it brings back memories of that much-loved bracelet.

It is a beautifully illustrated book, with photographs and descriptions of each method of colouring and stitching different types of metal. The colours are sensational and I was intrigued that most of the techniques are so simple.

I bought some copper shim last year and also some metal mesh pieces so now I'm ready to get started.  


  1. I've been reading this too - I need to find time to play. I remember when we were over you said that 'art quilt' materials were hard/ expensive to get over there - let me know if you need anything metallic. Especially at Festival time when I can shop direct for you.

  2. This looks very interesting. Can't wait to see what you produce.


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