26 June 2010

Mid winter

Hooray! The shortest day of the year has past and now each day will get slightly longer until December. I know, though, that the coldest days are yet to come in Sydney and that I need to get cracking in the garden. (Not that it actually gets very cold in Sydney, compared to some other places in the world. But it's all relative, you know.)

Mid winter is the time to plant garlic. I have some locally-grown bulbs ready for settling in the ground and will plant them this afternoon. My beetroot are thriving, so I think it's time to put some more seeds in the bed so that all the glorious globes don't arrive at once. More rain is forecast so that should help them settle in.

I cut back all my salvias last week because I know they will regrow with a vengeance once the weather warms. That particular bed needs an overhaul - the roses have to be removed and I need to decide on some more shrubs to plant. 

I love the ever-changing nature of a garden and don't ever worry about removing plants or changing them around. It's my garden to enjoy and it gives me great pleasure to know my plants are thriving. So, on to it! 

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  1. Anonymous12:02 am

    why are you removing ROSES.... roses are lovely....what color? any fragrance? any way you can smuggle to me? I am not too keen on your shortest day now only getting longer, as my longest day is now getting shorter....:-(


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