23 June 2010

Tunisian crochet

is such fun!
Prudence Mapstone presented a short workshop about Tunisian crochet at the Craft and Quilt Fair last week but I had other commitments and couldn't attend. Luckily, Fiona did and after she showed me the small piece she had made, I knew I wanted to try it myself.

I spoke with Prudence and she was very helpful, suggesting I use one of her basic cushion patterns so I could learn how to construct the stitch. I purchased a hook and used a ball of variegated wool that I had in my stash to get started yesterday. Here's a detail pic of the stitch.

There are masses of free instructions and patterns on the web - just search for "Tunisian crochet" or "Afghan crochet" if you are interested. I am surprised at how much yarn is used, but it results in a thick fabric. This piece is destined to become a case for my spectacles.


  1. I have a lovely Tunisian crochet pattern for a vest from a 70s magazine, if you would like to try it!

  2. watch out - it is addictive - LOL
    btw, yet another name I have heard it called is "Tricot" ... whatever you call it - I like it - LOL
    ... and there are other Tunisian crochet stitches one can do besides that one - leading to an amazing variety of textures/etc.


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