14 June 2010

Winter vibes


It is a sunny winter day in Sydney and the perfect time to spend some time in the garden. I've pruned shrubs today, tied the bouganvillea to the fence to train it where I want it to go, and pulled out weeds.

Most importantly, though, I've admired the zygocactus flowers, which are blooming beautifully. Making time to appreciate small pleasures is an important part of every one of my days.  


  1. Oh dear.....did you really need to remind me that I have not yet re potted mine and it has been on the list for ages and now I have a table full of half price bulbs to be planted....and I want pruning done but want to plant bulbs underneath, so pruning should come first but there is still autumn color in leaves...Oh dear..decisions decisions. I shall have to make a list. 1. Repot zgocactus.
    Thanks I think LOL

  2. How are you Erica? You must have been watching me while I played around with the blog!! It is getting very messy!!.......thanks for your kind words XX


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