21 June 2010

Yes, I bought more

I didn't have a lot of spare time at the Craft and Quilt Show this past week, but I made sure I visited Barrie on the WonderFil stand.

Stocking my thread drawer with a few more spools of Spagetti thread (I've raved about this 12 wt thread before) was essential.

This time, I chose these five luscious colours. It wasn't easy to choose! If only I could have purchased the whole stand...


  1. Hi Erica, I saw you at the Show but you were busy with a customer so didn't want to bother you. I bought heaps of threads from Wonderfil too but have never used them before...looking forward to it, esp the metallics. What are you using your threads for or are they for The Stash? Bought lots of NZ batiks too...you'd like them...gorgeous blues. Miss our Slow Burners class! SusanH

  2. Oh how could you possibly use them!!! There just for looking at surely.


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