18 July 2010

Mesh work

Those Japanese crafters sure are ingenious. Yesterday we had a demonstration of mesh work at The Quilters' Guild of NSW Inc meeting. Catherine from The Craft Mailbox showed us how to create interesting patterns by weaving strips of fabric. The strips had their edges folded under by a fusible bias tape maker and, at the same time, had strips of fusible webbing applied to the back. Then they were woven into fabulous patterns and fused. No sewing involved until the woven pieces were cut up and used in quilts, cushions, bags or place mats.

Using the same technique, but with thin satin ribbons, Catherine had made a pile of ATCs to swap. I couldn't resist (of course) so I swapped one of my ATCs for this one of hers. I love it!
The Craft Mailbox has free patterns for mesh work here. I'd love to see your pics if you try it!


  1. Anonymous6:35 am

    Great work!

  2. Erica, I am sure you will enjoy looking at the woven baskets on Kaite's website - yarngarden.


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