12 July 2010

Seriously cute

Let me introduce you to my new little pirate helper - my stitch ripper.
I chose him from the different characters here, because every time I have to unpick a seam, I find myself saying aaarggghhh. Most appropriate, don't you agree?


  1. :) You were quick to get the pirate! He's delightful. Lots were gone when I chose mine (No. 7), but I'm very happy with him, too. Reminds me of The Fat Controller in a way, although much more the Gentleman. lol

  2. hahahaha that's funny Erica I will now make pirate sounds every time I unpick and think of you ;-)
    My little unpick helper will be blogged this afternoon. You will note Amy also snaffled one. we are unable to help ourselves.


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