10 August 2010


So there I was, reading a book about writing; one of those how-to books that always provide me with new ways of thinking about the process. I hadn't noticed how old the book was until I read the first chapter, in which the author described the best type of pen to use and then suggested that I could even use a typewriter. No mention of computers.

It's easy to get distracted by the tools. I often have to remind myself to concentrate on what I am doing and keep focused.
(That's not to say I don't get distracted by stationery. Look at my pretty new pens with coloured inks. Yum!)


  1. mmm, stationery. I love stationery. And stationery shops.

  2. Sometimes the old books on writing are better. I love to read my first edition of "Style" by Walter Raleigh, 1897


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