22 August 2010

Pukka components

Earlier in the week, I posted about a parcel of textiles I received from Fiona Wright. Today I can show you some of them (more to come in later posts). But first, a little about Fiona.

I first met Fiona some years ago when I approached her after seeing some of her felted textiles. I wrote an article about her and her works for Down Under Quilts magazine, because I thought it was important to show readers different types of textile work in the art quilt world. So often, we don't have the opportunity to see a variety of styles in real life and it was a privilege to mix up various types of quilts for the magazine's readers. Personally, I fell in love with her Earthskins series, which you can see here.

Since then, Fiona has moved to live in India and developed a whole range of creative activities, including textile tours, workshops in the Pukka Studio and setting up The Stitching Project. She's been fairly busy! All the pictures I show here are of textiles that are available from this Project and are called Pukka Components.

These fabrics are in a hand-made, block-printed fat quarter packs, with four fat quarters in a pack. They are hand printed by a local family on 100% cotton. Aren't they the most glorious shapes and colours?

To go with them are block-print co-ordinate packs, complete with a few pieces of Indian bling. Yummy.

But what really made me drool is this hand-stitched square. It is made of recycled sari silk, stitched onto a cotton backing fabric with hundreds of running stitches. Here's a closeup.

I guess I could incorporate this into a cushion cover, but I think I might frame it and hang it on the wall where I can admire those deep hues and beautiful texture. 

There are other textiles in my package from Fiona and I'll show them later. But if you want some for yourself, hop over here for hand-stitched squares and here for the block printed fabrics. Enjoy!

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  1. Anonymous9:02 pm

    They're lovely Erica. Block prints are some of my favourites. That hand stitched piece is what they call a Khata in Bangladesh. A very thin quilt, usually only two pieces of fabric stitched together.


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