01 August 2010


Sometimes it's the small triumphs that bring pleasure. In this case, it is successfully growing parsley in a different spot without the possums discovering it. (Hope they don't read my blog!).


  1. they're tricky little fellas aren't they?
    i've yet to successfully hide anything from the damn things!!!
    i'm contemplating a greenhouse ha ha!
    hope they stay hidden!

  2. I bet they find it! Do you know in NZ they kill them and make all sorts of things from them.
    Good luck with the parsley and roses and geraniums and anything else tasty.

  3. great picture - y'know it may be coincidence but the roses haven't suffered any possum depredation since Bear joined the family. If I'd known that, I'd've acquired a dawg much sooner.

  4. Anonymous11:54 am

    I used to have to worry about Satin Bower birds and my strawberries now it is wild peacocks!
    Always some oneout there hungry...
    I have a crow who likes to sit on the fence and offer advice while i am working in the garden as well!
    One of our neighbours tried the same thing but even if I don't speak Hindi well the glare of my eye soon dissuaded him from trying that too often


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