05 September 2010


I've been the lucky recipient of two gifts this week. The first is a set of postcards featuring some of the fabulous Twelve by Twelve quilts. I doubt that I'll be able to send them anywhere, though. I suspect they'll end up adorning my sewing studio.I won these in a giveaway from Brenda, but if you'd like to buy your own set (or a set for a friend), you can do so here.

My second gift is from Kate. She enjoyed playing with dye and fabric last week (you can read about her experiments here). Yesterday, at our scquilters' day at the pub, she gave me this fat quarter. This is the front - a dyed piece of white fabric that has a white-on-white pattern. The colour has a subtle effect.

When you turn it to the back, though - wow! I love the spiral effect that Kate has made. I will definitely try this particular folding method next time.

What a lucky week I've had. Fingers crossed the luck extends to the Swans winning the first elimination final this afternoon. It is not good footy weather. There are wild westerly winds here and it will be a real challenge kicking for goal (and keeping our caps on at the game!).

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