01 November 2010


I'd heard a whisper some time ago that the well-known Perth shop, Calico & Ivy, was going to open a store in Sydney. Well, it's happening next month! 

I've visited the Perth store several times, starting a long time ago when it was operated by Joanna Brazier as Calico House. The business has evolved over the years and is now a hub for quilters and lovers of yarn and other crafty goodness. I can't wait to visit the Sydney version in Balmain.  Read all about it here.


  1. Good news for Sydney. It's such an inspirational shop and one I make a bee-line to every time I get to the city.

  2. I've never been there but it sure looks interesting and I love to visit Balmain.

  3. OMG how fabulous, I cant believe she waited until AFTER i left... oh, how I am yearning for Balmain!! Ill be back there for the first 2 weekends of December, guess where Ill be visiting. apart from my favourite coffee store, All About Romanos ...


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