06 November 2010


Issue 3 of Down Under Textiles magazine arrived this week. It includes an article I wrote about using painted fusible webbing in textile art. Despite the article being given a title of "Make a Sorry quilt", it is absolutely NOT about how to replicate my journal quilt.

I made Sorry in February 2008 as a personal response to the Australian Prime Minister's apology to the Stolen Generation. I have previously blogged about it here. I would sincerely hope that other textile artists have their own unique responses. Sorry is not a project.

The article is actually about painting fusible webbing and I included six samples. The photographs and captions are incorrectly numbered in the magazine. I have been informed that they have been corrected in the digital version, but I haven't seen that.

If you have a copy of the print version, here are the corrections.
Photo 1 - caption 4
Photo 2 - caption 3
Photo 3 - caption 5
Photo 4 - caption 2
Photo 5 - caption 6
Photo 6 - caption 1

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  1. Hi! Erica,

    Thanks for thr corrections, I was pleased to read the article as I have a project I want to paint some fusible web on but was unable to find the instruction I had found 3 years ago.

    I do hope people don't copy your 'Sorry' quilt, don't understand the thinking.


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