08 December 2010

Inside my head

It's a very messy place. Yesterday I had the opportunity to join a group of friends who had gathered to share various techniques for creating pattern on fabric.We are working on individual projects that will come together next year. I am quite scared, but scared is good because it will make me develop my work.

In the meantime, my head is ready to explode. I can see my quilt in my mind's eye and I already have a name for it. Whether the project develops as I envisage it, or morphs into something completely different, inside my head it is complete.

If only it was that simple. First step this week: dye my fabric.


  1. Good luck with the dyeing Erica!


  2. Oh - I SO sympathise with this feeling. In fact I am about to blog about it too! I'm in the grip of a flash of inspiration at the moment, and it is (again)a matter of the quilt in my head being beyond my actual abilities.

    Just getting over the first part of being able to get it from my head to paper is the initial frustration - then figuring out construction is a WHOLE other issue... siggghh....


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