05 January 2011

Add water

It must have been all the rain we've had over recent months that helped my Crepe Myrtle tree this season. It has flowered a month earlier than usual and is covered in these stunning clusters of flowers.

It's just as well I have such gorgeousness nearby. It distracts me from a quilt project I'm about to commence, but can't quite visualise yet. I thought I had very clear ideas in my head, but now my vision is distorted. 

Creating is never straightforward for me. It's an ongoing tussle and I'm always relieved when it's over. Until the next time!


  1. I love the smooth trunk of the crepe myrtle almost as much as the flowers

  2. A stunning tree, all round Erica!

    That project is in about the same place as mine! I have an idea but every night (at about 4am)it shifts into something else!


  3. Your myrtle coordinates very nicely with the Down Under Quilts cover just below it--maybe they are telling you something...


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