15 January 2011

Affirming life goes on

In the middle of this week, as we were all being overwhelmed by the stories and images from the floods, I spent a day with a friend. We talked, ate, visited a couple of craft shops and watched some TV (we are both addicted to Escape to the Country - pure escapism).

It reaffirmed that life does go on and that it is our relationships with other people that make it worthwhile. One of the tasty delights we shared was this soda bread (recipe here).

One of my purchases on the day was these gorgeous stork scissors, painted in a white-and-black pattern. Lovely to hold and just so darn cute. (Purchased from The Patchwork Heart - hi Michelle and Kim!)


Don't forget that no matter where you are, you can donate to the flood appeal to assist people who have been affected by the floods. Please give whatever you can afford. Every dollar helps.

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  1. Definitely going to try the soda bread - been looking for a good recipe. My kids want to donate their pocket money to the flood appeal - they have been really worried about their grandparents (who survived fine). I am halfway through "Sunshine and Roses" - turquoise and yellows - and my 12 year old has already claimed it. Thank you for such a lovely pattern


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