02 January 2011

Playing with pots

After thinking a lot about shapes, today I started to play with some images in Photoshop Elements. These are three effects from a single photo.

I want to get the feel of the shapes before I choose which ones to use, so I've played with other photos as well. I am even more intrigued by the lines now.


  1. These are great - I can see why you were intrigued with them

  2. I came to your blog through Lisa Walton's and I love it. I am just rediscovering my creativity after a year of nothing - and your Sunshine and Roses pattern has my mouth watering, it may just help me keep my 'Be creative every day' News Years Resolution. Thanks!

  3. You are doing great things with Photoshop & Pots. Just lurve these images; cant wait to see what you may do with them, textilewise. Have fun.


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