11 January 2011

Rain and flood

Australia can be a harsh country. We are seeing terrible floods in Western Australia and Queensland at present where people, livestock and the earth are suffering. Yesterday, an appalling eight-metre high wave of rain and storm water swept through the centre of Toowoomba and killed eight people. There are still 72 people missing.

To read the latest information about these terrible events, visit the ABC website here.

It's in times like these that we feel impotent, wanting to help but not knowing how. The most practical and useful way is to give money. There are several flood relief appeals that are accepting donations of money now. Donations of goods are not encouraged because these do not assist local businesses, which are an integral part of the communities. If you can help with a financial donation, you can find information about the flood relief appeals here.

The floods are not over. Rain is still pouring down and the water has to go somewhere. The rivers in northern New South Wales are next.

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