22 January 2011

Still here!

Isn't it lovely to know that someone actually reads your blog and misses you when you don't post for a while? Thanks for the emails, everyone. All is well in creativedabbling land. I've been busy this past week with my birthday (aren't these lisianthus blooms gorgeous? All faded shades of dusky pink, a gift from a co-worker), going diligently to my day job, eating out with friends and generally enjoying myself.

Thanks to Louisa, for letting me know she is using my free Sunshine on Roses pattern to create her own quilt in turquoise and yellows. Don't forget to send me a pic, Louisa - I'd love to see the results!


  1. Happy Birthday Erica from another Capricorn baby. Hope you had a great birthday, enjoy reading your blog and seeing your work.
    Christine in sunny Sydney

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Erica from yet another Capricorn!


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