23 February 2011

Twelve by Twelve

All I need to say is this: purchase a copy of this book now!

Well, maybe I should say some more. I've had a copy of the book in my possession for a day now, so perhaps I can give you a taste of what you will find inside it.
  • photographs and descriptions of each the 144 quilts created by the twelve artists over a period of two years.
  • explorations of each of the twelve themes.
  • profiles of each of the twelve artists.
  • explanations of various techniques and processes used.
  • glimpses into the artists' studios.
If you are interested in art quilts and haven't been following the development of the Twelve by Twelve group, where have you been? Go directly to the group's website for all you need to know.

The book is brilliant and full of inspiration. Go and buy it NOW!

19 February 2011

In progress

I'm having fun painting this gorgeous shape. It is made of timber and the thing I love the most about it is that it is not symmetrical. Gazing at its flowing shapes is very calming. I can easily imagine this as an applique motif and that motivates me to keep working on the skills needed to stitch all those tiny curly sections. One day...

14 February 2011


I love buying colour sample pots of paint. Liquid colour is delicious and brightens my day.

Today's purchase: Aqua Belle from Taubmans. Yum.

12 February 2011

Get inspired by quilting blogs

 Do you love reading quilting blogs? Here's the place to go:

You can add your own blog to the Red Pepper Quilts list, too! Since I added Creative Dabbling last night, the number of quilts on the list has nearly doubled! Hours of viewing pleasure....

10 February 2011

Reflections on: procrastination

Postponing activities is a favourite pastime of mine. It always leads me to discover new, creative ways of procrastination, the latest of which is rearranging all the quilts in my house. Along the way, I have uncovered some of my early quilts that had been half-forgotten.

Most of the tasks I postpone are things I actively want to do. I prefer to think of this as deferment of pleasure, instead of the negative implication of time wasting. Don’t you agree that anticipation is half the fun of any event? The planning, the thinking and the savouring of the enjoyment to come are all part of the complete activity. It makes sense, then, that the longer I can defer it, the more I will enjoy it.

My latest way of deferring writing involved taking all my quilts out of their hidey-holes, admiring and refolding them, and then finding different ways to display them in my home. For many years, I have envied people who have a large amoire in which to store their quilts. Imagine having all that glorious pattern, colour and texture constantly on display!

Inspired by this thought, I inspected my furniture to find a suitable piece. The closest I could find was a large, deep-shelved, timber bookcase. I love this bookcase. It has smooth, rounded corners and is made from glorious honey-coloured pine. I decided it was the perfect candidate for my quilts.

Of course, it was already full of books, so they had to be relocated. This necessitated a shopping excursion and the purchase of a couple of other bookshelves – not as aesthetically attractive as my timber one, but certainly capable of holding my collection. The new shelves had to be put together, so that took another chunk of time.

The couch had to be relocated so I could erect the new bookcases in its place. Then I arranged my books, taking pleasure in dipping into the occasional one, experiencing it as I sorted.

Folding and stroking my quilts provided great pleasure. It was satisfying to examine some of my first quilts; to see how my stitching has changed over the years. It was intriguing to see colour choices that I had made and how often the colour blue has been included in many of them. Each quilt took me back in time as I recalled what else had been going on in my life while I had been sewing it.

I also remembered the ghosts of quilts I had made and given away. The physical quilt may not be with me, but their memories certainly stayed. As I type these words now, I glance to the piles of colour on my shelves and I am thankful that I have taken the opportunity to enjoy my quilts every day. How could such a positive outcome have ever been considered a time-waster?

06 February 2011

05 February 2011

It's getting to me...

the heat, that is. It's been pushing 40 degrees every day at my place since last weekend and I'm so over it. So I've been staying at home in front of the air conditioner whenever possible (I dread how expensive my next electricity bill will be) and stitching this quilt.

I machine pieced it and had it professionally quilted last year but put it aside while I worked on another project. Since that other project is on the design wall in my studio upstairs in the hot part of the house... well, let's just say that I'm staying downstairs!

I am hand stitching around the large flower motifs with WonderFil Spagetti 12wt thread. I love stitching with this thread and I love the colours! I plan to expand the colour range in my collection again this year. Deciding which shades to buy is always difficult, but I'll do my best. :-)

02 February 2011


As everyone in Australia waits, Cyclone Yasi is heading straight towards the mainland in northern Queensland. A grade 5 cyclone, it is stronger than Tracy, which flattened Darwin in 1974.

Cairns and Townsville airports are now closed and Yasi is expected to hit land at midnight AEST. Updates here.

Colour variation

Have you made a quilt from my Sunshine on Roses pattern? (It's free! - click here for the instructions).

Louisa has and here's a photo to prove it! I love the colours she has chosen (of course I do - beautiful turquoises and blues). It makes me want to stitch up another one for myself!

Louisa says:
Thanks so much for the lovely pattern - it didn't take long at all and I love it.  So does my 12 year old, who claimed it as soon as I started laying the blocks out.

Mine reminded me of the changing colours of the beach near us - hence "Oceanic Moods".

I say: gorgeous!