05 February 2011

It's getting to me...

the heat, that is. It's been pushing 40 degrees every day at my place since last weekend and I'm so over it. So I've been staying at home in front of the air conditioner whenever possible (I dread how expensive my next electricity bill will be) and stitching this quilt.

I machine pieced it and had it professionally quilted last year but put it aside while I worked on another project. Since that other project is on the design wall in my studio upstairs in the hot part of the house... well, let's just say that I'm staying downstairs!

I am hand stitching around the large flower motifs with WonderFil Spagetti 12wt thread. I love stitching with this thread and I love the colours! I plan to expand the colour range in my collection again this year. Deciding which shades to buy is always difficult, but I'll do my best. :-)

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  1. Oh my goodness - I absolutely agree! The two days of 26 we had last week were bliss! And now its back to the 30's :(


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