23 February 2011

Twelve by Twelve

All I need to say is this: purchase a copy of this book now!

Well, maybe I should say some more. I've had a copy of the book in my possession for a day now, so perhaps I can give you a taste of what you will find inside it.
  • photographs and descriptions of each the 144 quilts created by the twelve artists over a period of two years.
  • explorations of each of the twelve themes.
  • profiles of each of the twelve artists.
  • explanations of various techniques and processes used.
  • glimpses into the artists' studios.
If you are interested in art quilts and haven't been following the development of the Twelve by Twelve group, where have you been? Go directly to the group's website for all you need to know.

The book is brilliant and full of inspiration. Go and buy it NOW!


  1. Hey thanks for the review! Its what I think too but you know - I'm too British to come out and say it like that :)

  2. Thank you for the fabulous review!

  3. Thanks Erica, for the great review!


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