17 March 2011

An excursion

Erica and Brenda went on an excursion yesterday. They had a fun day and visited many shops full of gorgeous and useful things. Too much to detail here, except for this delicious store in Balmain.

They were delighted by the building (Erica especially loved the colour - look! it is blue) and the clever layout within. They were especially thrilled by the displays of colour.

This photo of gorgeous yarn was taken by Brenda. Yum.

There would have been other photos to show you, except that Erica apparently zoomed too close with her camera inside the store so all her other photos are out of focus. Silly Erica.

If she hadn't, there would have been photos of the gorgeous fabrics (Erica was especially taken with the aqua shades). Sarah and Amy kindly took precious crochet scarves out of the glass display cabinet so that Brenda and Erica could examine the tiny crochet stitches made with linen thread. To die for.

Erica suggests you all scoot along to this shop immediately (and take your money with you). Tell the lovely Sarah that Erica sent you and she might show you the linen crochet too!

Calico & Ivy is at 10 Birchgrove Road Balmain. Phone: 02 9555 9909.

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