28 March 2011

Hand sewing as therapy

I am hand piecing a queen-sized quilt made with half-square triangles. Many of you may think me crazy, while others will understand the soothing qualities of sewing by hand. So far, I've made about a quarter of the quilt - this is it, all bundled up. I'm having a perfectly lovely time with it.

I need to have something calming to do after the tense afternoon yesterday, watching the Swans play their first game this season. They played in away in Melbourne, so it was a tv job for me - not the best way to watch AFL at any time, let alone when the result is tight. It was a draw - a DRAW! Good grief.

It's also handy having soothing sewing to do while I can hear men clambering around on the roof of my house. There is painting going on and that's a Good Thing (we've been waiting what seems like forever for it to start). They sound only marginally worse than the possums on the roof at night!

I've long thought hand sewing is great therapy and now I'm convinced. Just as well or I'd be a mad woman by now.

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  1. I absolutely agree, Erica. I'm also hand piecing a quilt and it's so relaxing to pick up. With those beautiful colours too you can't fail :-)) Can't wait to see the finished product.


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