02 March 2011

No pics

There are no photos today because I don't believe in posting gratuitous pics that are irrelevant to the post. I also don't believe in you using your internet access just to see my irrelevant photos. If only I could block all photos of cats on blogs I would be a happy woman.

I'm annoyed, but also very relieved, that I have decided to abandon my current quilt project. There are too many things this quilt has to be (size, techniques and due date) and it is fighting me on all fronts. It wants to have simple lines and lots of plain areas. It wants to be smaller. It wants to be hand stitched. So, rather than continuing to battle, I will start again.

Just as you cannot change a person, I'm convinced you cannot change a quilt. It has to want to change itself and this one simply doesn't. 


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  1. Anonymous8:50 pm

    I would be happy if you get it down to just one or two cats a day! (Providing none of them are the ferals who think they own our garden.)

    About the quilts ... definitely, some have to be just so big, darker than we intended them to be, and want to be finished in a certain time,which bears little or no relation to our timetable.

    Judy B


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