20 March 2011

Rain at last

Although there have been showers of rain over past weeks in other suburbs of Sydney, it hasn't rained at my place for at least six weeks. Combine that with some extremely hot days and the result is that my garden is parched. Until now.

We've experienced steady rain here all last night and the plants are thankful.

The leaves on my Japanese maple are turning into the shades of autumn, and dripping with the weight of the rain. See the brown areas in the background? That's my grassed area - totally burnt by the heat and lack of water.

The plants in these pots are also grateful for the rain and will start to thrive again now. It's not the same, watering them by hand. Rain washes the leaves and the surrounds, and also soaks deeply so the roots can penetrate further. It will take a lot more than 24 hours of rain to rejuvenate the ground, but every precious drop helps.

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