13 April 2011

Gocco girl

I have a new (second-hand) tool to help me create pattern on fabric. With this nifty machine, I can make screens with my own drawings to print onto fabric.

You can see how much joy this machine can bring to people by the ecstatic looks on the faces of the models on the box cover. Nothing staged or artificial there!

I wanted to create patterns that weren't consistent and weren't precise. I don't like perfect. I had already stamped a piece of pink solid fabric with bubble wrap and Lumiere paint, but wanted a line of sorts across it. I made a screen from my drawings of stems and leaves and printed it with black acrylic paint.

Making the screen was very simple and I'm pleased I can make more of them whenever I want. I'll work out the feasibility of making screens for sale, too, so you can enjoy the process as much as I did!

I'm happy with the variety of lines - some dark and some slightly ghosted. The fabric will be cut up before sewing so the lines will add some interest.


  1. Welcome to the Gocco Club Erica! I promise it is addictive!


  2. Erica, I have a Gocco too - love the idea of it, but haven't actually got to the practicalities of using it yet!
    Cheers Louise

  3. What a lovely print - you must be chuffed. Seeing this makes me want to get moving again with experimention on my Riso Screen.


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