11 May 2011

It's a dreary day

here today. There's a cold wind coming from the south and very little sun. Yesterday's outing for lunch and sewing with a friend was cancelled due to sickness in the family and tonight's dinner with another friend is cancelled due to her Dad's hospitalisation.

I burned my lunch today - it was a spectacular sight to see the top part of my bread roll burst into flames under the grill. Not only did it fill the kitchen with smoke very quickly, but it resulted in a toasted sandwich without the top layer of bread. Challenging to eat.

Tomorrow the old stove will be disconnected and removed from my kitchen. This is something I have procrastinated about for years. Painting will be next and then new tiles on the floor (I've had them for a few months!). Only after I finish that work can I buy and organise installation of a new stove. Guess I'll be using the microwave in the meantime.

So while everything is in process on this dreary day, I snapped a photo of my Japanese maple tree in its autumnal glory to brighten the outlook. This is for you, Stephanie.


  1. Oh that glorious colour Erica. Have fun 'camping' out with the microwave. Beore & after photos?


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