03 May 2011

Oh yum!


What an easily pleased person I am. My fat quarter bundles of Kona solids arrived today from Hancock's of Paducah and I am happily admiring the glorious colour combinations I have on my sewing table.

Lots of potential projects here....


  1. Oh I LOVE these bundles! Very tempted to order some myself, but just can't decide on the colours!! Can't wait to see what you turn them into :)

  2. Oooo, the pinks and the greens are just lovely! I don't use a lot of solids except for stitchery backgrounds, but looking at them stacked in their graduating shades makes them quite tempting to play with. :-)
    I loved your Reflections article in DUQs, Erica. There is that sense of guilt for me because I purchase most of my fabric overseas, but with most of us feeling the financial pinch it seems the wisest thing to do at this point in time. I do buy local for non-fabric bits and pieces though.


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