16 August 2011

Sydney Modern Quilt Guild

Since I first heard of Modern Quilt Guilds in different parts of the world, I have grappled with the concept. What's 'modern' about them? How are they different to other quilt guilds? Is it a style of quilting or are they groups that target younger quilters? I still don't have it clear in my mind.

One of my quilting friends, Claire, is very clear about what it means to her. Along with Suzanne, she has started a Sydney chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild. They know exactly what they hope to achieve - you can read all about it here

I encourage Sydney quilters to hop over to their blog. Read what they've written and, if you are intrigued, fill out their 'call for interest' form (I already have!). I like that their emphasis is on inclusion - just because you may belong to other quilt groups, it doesn't mean you won't be welcome! Good luck with the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild, Claire and Suzanne!

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  1. Thanks for the "tip off" Erica, just because I am doing a crazy quilt it has lead me in a totally different direction textile wise! I am able to incorperate "modern" techniques to give my quilt a link to now.


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