30 September 2011

On my fantasy itinerary

I've been fascinated by Welsh quilts for many years, but have just discovered the website for the Jen Jones Welsh Quilt Centre in Lampeter, Wales. This is definitely on my fantasy itinerary (a list of places in Britain that I long to visit). I love the intricate quilting patterns on Welsh quilts and the striking use of colour and design.

I'm also a keen follower of Mary Jenkins' blog, Little Welsh Quilts and Other Traditions.
Mary has written several books on Welsh quilts and if you look at the first photo on her blog, you will see what inspires me. Gorgeous.

Perhaps you will want to join me on my imaginary travels?

29 September 2011

Oh, the inspiration!

During the past couple of weeks, I have been gorging myself with Design Matters TV, the online videos by Linda and Laura Kemshall. If you don't know about these, do yourself a favour and go here. There are some tasters that you can view for free and they are sure to seduce you, as they did me!

20 September 2011

Exciting news

I'm going to be busier than usual as I have taken on a new role as Editor of Down Under Textiles magazine (DUT). Very exciting!

Do you know this magazine? It's an Australian publication that is published by the same company as Down Under Quilts, where I was previously Editor for four years. DUT was started by my friend Deborah Segaert a couple of years ago. The cover shown here is issue 5, which is currently on sale (you can buy it here).

I have started a facebook page for Down Under Textiles and I'd love if you could join us there.  Oh, we are going to have fun!

19 September 2011


My friend Janine is one of the artists displaying her work at this exhibition. It should include an intriguing variety of works.

13 September 2011

Making colour

Last Saturday, Sarah and I joined three other students at the home of our friend, Lisa Walton to hand-dye sewing threads. It turned out that we had a metre of beautiful cotton sateen each as well. Bonus fun! From the threads Lisa provided, I chose cotton perle thread, 40 weight cotton thread, sashiko thread and an interesting rayon thread (the shiny one). As you can see, some were white, while the others were an unbleached colour.

We tore our fabric into fat quarters and scrunched them into containers, divided the threads and added soda ash solution.

Then the fun began - squirting lucsious colours!

My four containers looked very appealing.

Here are the results - how gorgeous are they?

The next time Lisa will be teaching this class is at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, USA, so here's your chance. Class information and enrolment details are here. You could have as much fun as we did!

12 September 2011

You know it's spring when

the azalea is in full bloom....

the dendrobium shows its delicate flowers...

the crop of snow peas multiplies overnight...

and the flowering nasturtiums and thyme intermingle happily.

11 September 2011

Sydney Modern Quilt Guild - update

Remember that I posted about the formation of the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild? Well, now Suzanne and Claire have set up a survey to gauge interest for the first face-to-face meeting of the guild.

Here's some more information from an email I received this week:

"We just wanted to send out a quick email to you all to let you know what a great response we’ve had so far: 45 people have filled out our call for interest form which is fantastic!  Suzanne and I had talked about what we would think a “successful” call for interest would be, and I think we concluded that if 20 people filled out the form, and 10 people could make it to the first meeting, then we would be off to a good start!  Well, we’ve certainly hit that target!

Up next we are going to organise a first meeting.  It’s at this point that we really want to get all of you involved in everything, we would like to talk about things like: how often should the group meet? What kind of formats should those meetings take? Where should the group meet? Will there be group dues (and if so, how much)?

We’d also like to get a couple of other people on board to help us with the “setting up process” too, at the moment it’s just Suzanne and I, but if the group is going to be large-ish, then it would be great to have an extra couple of people to help, and that way we can divide the work up a bit more.   
Over on the website we’ve set up a little mini survey to try and find the best dates for the first meeting, we’re avoiding all first Saturdays of the Month (as that is when the Sydney Scquilters group meets) and also 15th October this is the date that the NSW Guild has a meeting listed.   We’re also looking for suggestions about WHERE this first meeting might be able to take place – once we have an idea about the numbers that might be able to attend then we should be able to narrow it down a bit!  So please hop on over and let us know your preferences for meeting dates.   Probably the best way to go about it is to select all the possible dates that you can attend and let us know whether you'd prefer the morning or afternoon.  Just to gauge the interest, we'll include the Sundays as well as the Saturdays and we'll see what gets the most attention.  We will go with the date that the most people can attend.  We will leave the survey open until Friday 16 September, so please jump over and fill it out before then.

To get everyone inspired we’re also going to start an “Inspiration of the week” post over on the blog featuring a modern quilt that has caught our attention over recent times so make sure you check in each week and if you see something fantastic that you think should be featured, let us know!

Finally, in other exciting news, we’ve been contacted by the Central Coast Modern Quilt Guild who have suggested that once we get up and running we might be able to have a quilt challenge with them!  So, that’s really good inspiration for us to try and get up and running soon."

So, here's your chance to get involved with a new group, Sydney quilters!

05 September 2011

At last!

Whew! Here's my completed quilt, Back to the Beginning, (48 inches x 44 inches). It is machine pieced from cotton fabric I have hand printed, screen printed and stencilled.

I have hand quilted it all over with cotton threads of various weights. Here's a couple of close-up pics, so you can understand why it took me so long to complete!

I am thrilled that Back to the Beginning will be on display at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, USA in November, as part of Lisa Walton's Textured Treasures exhibition. How exciting!