05 September 2011

At last!

Whew! Here's my completed quilt, Back to the Beginning, (48 inches x 44 inches). It is machine pieced from cotton fabric I have hand printed, screen printed and stencilled.

I have hand quilted it all over with cotton threads of various weights. Here's a couple of close-up pics, so you can understand why it took me so long to complete!

I am thrilled that Back to the Beginning will be on display at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, USA in November, as part of Lisa Walton's Textured Treasures exhibition. How exciting!


  1. Awesome Erica! I wasn't imagining anything like that! It is just beautiful!

  2. Fabulous! And Houston is only a few weeks away.

  3. I can't believe how brilliant all the quilts are and I am so thrilled to be able to show them in Houston. The stitching on this quilt is incredible. It is so tactile and perfectly fits the Textured Treasures mood. Thank you Erica

  4. How very exciting! Hope you can go and see it in the flesh.

  5. Hi! Erica,

    Its a long time since I've be by here; A super quilt, love the colours, and congratulations on having it on show in Houston.

  6. It's absolutely stunning. it makes me wish I could hand stitch!!!


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