13 September 2011

Making colour

Last Saturday, Sarah and I joined three other students at the home of our friend, Lisa Walton to hand-dye sewing threads. It turned out that we had a metre of beautiful cotton sateen each as well. Bonus fun! From the threads Lisa provided, I chose cotton perle thread, 40 weight cotton thread, sashiko thread and an interesting rayon thread (the shiny one). As you can see, some were white, while the others were an unbleached colour.

We tore our fabric into fat quarters and scrunched them into containers, divided the threads and added soda ash solution.

Then the fun began - squirting lucsious colours!

My four containers looked very appealing.

Here are the results - how gorgeous are they?

The next time Lisa will be teaching this class is at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, USA, so here's your chance. Class information and enrolment details are here. You could have as much fun as we did!


  1. These just zing Erica. And now you can create something exciting (and small) with them

  2. Erica, How lucky are you, the colours are just scumptous.


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